Breast Enhancement Exercises: How to Increase Breast Size Naturally?

Breast enlargement exercises can do so much in making your breasts appear larger. What are the other options to increase breast size naturally?

Yes, you can have all that padding and pushing until it gets uncomfortable, but you know for a fact that underneath your dress is a tiny pair of breasts.

Natural Breast Enlargement Exercises

If plastic surgery is simply not an option, and it shouldn’t always be, there are ways to increase the size of your breasts naturally through exercise. When matched with a balanced diet that will help you gain more weight, you can achieve a larger breast size in no time.

The shape and size of women’s breasts are on the mind of women as much as men! Don’t believe me? Why do you think the breast enhancement industry is booming? Prior to getting unnatural breast augmentations however, you should take a look at the alternative natural options out there. This includes methods such as breast exercises that can naturally shape and tone your breasts, along with supplemental herbal methods that can work to not only tone, but to actually increase the size of your breasts.

Shaping and Toning Techniques

It’s important to understand that common exercises are some of the greatest ways to enhance your breasts and should always be given a shot. Many women believe that exercising their chests will decrease their breast size; however, this has been found to be a common misconception. In fact, quite the opposite is true – and exercising your breasts normally works to make your breasts appear larger, not necessarily making them physically larger, but due to this increase in shape and appearance, they will often times appear larger.

What are the common shaping and toning exercises you ask? Well there are numerous ones – and we’ll try to break down some of the most common methods that can be used to enhance your breasts.

  • The Common Pushup – As common as they are, pushups are still one of the most effective methods to shape and tone the chest. Often times, women must do pushups from the knees, rather than feet, depending upon strength level.
  • At Work Exercise – Much like exercising in a gym, you can reach the same muscles any time of day. If you place your arms to your sides and squeeze against your body, you will be able to feel the chest muscles working. Do this several times a day and you will absolutely feel the soreness in the first couple of days – take this as a sign that it’s working.
  • Flap Your Arms – By taking 2 small weights (normally 2lb – 5lb) and placing them in your hands and then laying with your back on the floor and your arms straight out from your sides, you can then lift your arms straight up in front of you until they touch. This is a common method to work the chest muscles.

Results to expect

One thing to take note of — your breast size won’t increase very significantly. If you’re aiming for a cup C or D when you’re an A, then these exercises might not be as effective as you expect or want it to be. Exercises would increase the size of your chest. Weight gain can increase the size of your breast. When those two are combined, you will still remain fit so no need to worry about the measurements of the rest of your body.

The Best Exercises to Enlarge Breasts

Here are 3 easy exercises you can try out even in your bedroom so you can start increasing your breast size naturally:

1. Push-Ups

There are several kinds of push-ups, and we’re not talking about push-up bras here. You can do push-ups on the floor or against a wall. You can also try elevated push-ups using a stable chair or bench. You can also try adapted push-ups, which is easier and also effective especially if you’re a beginner. Your knees will be resting on the floor as you use your hands to push the rest of your body up.

Do several of these every day and you will soon notice a difference in the size of your breasts. This is a free and simple yet challenging exercise that can also help you stay fit.

2. Dumbbell Flyes

If you don’t have dumbbells at home, you can simply fill up two 1 to 2-liter water bottles, depending on the amount of weight you can handle. It’s nice to know though that you can purchase dumbbells for cheap online or in your local fitness store.

Just lie down on a bench with your feet resting on the floor and lift the dumbbells from your side to center several times.

You can also try out reverse dumbbell flyes where you would have to do a similar process standing up and bending down.

Dumbbell flyes work as a great chest workout and have been proven to effectively help increase chest size.

3. Chest Dips

Another cheap and simple exercise to do is chest dips. Just place your hands on a bench or chair while you’re in a sitting position in the air. Lift your body weight up and down and you would already feel its effect on your chest area.

This exercise is not only great for your chest but would also help tone your triceps and your back.

Do you wish to see actual presentations of these exercises? You can look for exercises videos available for free online. If you’re a beginner, you can easily do this at home. Don’t try to rush yourself in going too fast or doing too many exercises especially when you’re just starting out. Your safety should still be your priority.

If you have a bit of budget to spare, you can also head to your local gym so you can get assistance from an expert fitness coach.

Enlarging Your Breasts Naturally: Pills and Supplements

Okay, so what if you’re not interested in shaping and toning your breasts anymore. You’ve been there, done that and have realized that it’s not doing a good enough job for you. You’re leaning towards surgery but hold on! There are still a few natural options out there to consider!

The most notable option is taking a supplement that focuses on herbs that promote growth and breast enhancement. The great thing about these successful programs is that they are 100% natural and for the good ones – if they don’t work, they’ll guarantee your money back. That means that you can try risk-free.

The best current option is breast enhancement pills, an all-natural solution to your breast enhancement needs. This solution has been featured on numerous major news outlets, such as CNN, NBC, and 20/20. It has also been rated the number 1 program for all-natural breast enhancement.

The key thing about natural pills is that it’s not only a herbal supplement meant to increase your breast size, it’s also an exercise program that’s combined with this in order to see optimal effect:

  • A comprehensive exercise program that works alongside the natural supplement for optimal effect.
  • A blending of herbs and natural substances (all FDA approved) into a tablet and cream form that work to provide natural solutions to breast enlargement.

What Is The Right Option?

The only right option for every woman is to make sure that they try every natural option prior to performing any kind of cosmetic operation. Especially since exercise is free, as well as there normally being a money-back guarantee on natural breast enhancement solutions. The only job you have is to understand your breast enlargement options!

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