LushBust Review

LushBust is a natural product that was developed to increase a female breast size naturally. The product producer claims that it can improve the breast size, and its shape.

It supposedly does this via something called “microspheres.” These microspheres enter the breast’s layer one at a time, infusing various vitamins into it.

The manufacturer of LushBust claims that its product contains various ingredients that will significantly improve the size and shape of a woman’s breast.

This includes various peptides, which are formed after amino acids have linked. The peptides supposedly enhance the production of various substances underneath the dermis. Theoretically, this helps the breast to look firmer and healthier.

LushBust also contains antioxidants found in various vitamins, including Vitamin A, B6, C, and E. Theoretically, the vitamins work simultaneously to improve the health of the skin, boost blood circulation, and so on. The manufacturer of LushBust claims that the combination of the various vitamins maximizes the beneficial effects on the breast’s size and shape.

Users of LushBust simply apply the product to clean skin–twice daily. Typically this is after showing in the morning, and right before bedtime in the evening. The number of applications can be reduced to once daily, after LushBust’s results have peaked. LushBust’s manufacturers recommend that women use the product for 4-6 weeks.

The cost of the product is about $100


Here are some of the main drawbacks of LushBust, which customers have observed:

1. Cost

In theory, products such as LushBust should be significantly cheaper than breast augmentation surgery. They are also much safer than breast surgery. And one bottle is. However, the manufacturer claims that you must use the product continuously, to maintain breasts that are larger and shapelier.

So within time, the total cost of using LushBust could equal the cost of breast augmentation surgery! And besides the overall cost, the price of $100 is fairly steep for a product that you’ll need to apply on a daily basis. So both the daily and total cost of using LushBust is quite high.

2. Value

Many customers have argued that LushBust is basically an overpriced serum. They’ve often described its effect as creating a tingling sensation on their skin. In fact, many customers have even argued that the product is nothing more than a fancy lotion.

3. Effectiveness

This is one of the most important considerations when choosing a breast-enhancement product. Does it work? Many customers of LushBust have concluded that it doesn’t-even after the 30 days that the manufacturer claims is needed until the product becomes effective.


The manufacturers of LushBust make several claims about the innovation and effectiveness of their product. But ultimately, many customers have been dissatisfied that the product failed to improve the size or shape of their breasts.

Yes, buying one unit of LushBust is drastically cheaper than undergoing breast-augmentation surgery. However, if the product is ineffective after 30 days, then arguably a woman should consider other methods for improving her breasts’ size and shape.

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