If you are looking at trying out a breast enhancement product then one of the things that you want to look for in a product is what kind of results you can expect. Well when it comes to Brepid breast enhancement pills they not only claim that you will see results but they claim that after six months to one year of using their product you could see your breasts increase as much as three to four cup sizes!

Those are pretty substantial claims, so let us look into Brepid a little further to see if we can back them up or not.

Brepid Ingredients

When we look closely at breast enhancement products we look specifically at the ingredient’s listing and the details of the formulation. We tend to see the same ingredients over and over again and certainly Brepid follows the same sort of formulations as its competitors. They state that their ingredients are all natural and that their product does not create any major side effects. Some of the common ingredients include blessed thistle which is used to help balance hormones and to help with thyroid function they add Pacific kelp. These types of ingredients have varied positive side effects when helping to reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause as well as increasing breast size.

About Brepid

Brepid certainly tries to put themselves on the higher end of the scale when it comes to breast enhancement products. Their associated prices are at the higher end as well running almost $110 for a two month’s supply. You can get it a bit cheaper if you choose to purchase a few months at a time. You can pay about $150 for three months, and if you do that you will also get one month free. If you purchase eight months at one time you will pay almost $220.

Brepid Pros and Cons

When we look at the ingredients listed in the Brepid formula there is nothing extraordinary that jumps out as us. This is surprising as we would think that if women are seeing such extraordinary results that they talk about we would expect to see some different kind of formulation or a few new and interesting ingredients.

We watch for extraordinary claims and when we see them we usually dig a little deeper to see if there is substantial evidence to back up the claims. With Brepid we didn’t really find what we were looking for to back them up. Certainly their price is a higher end but that doesn’t mean the results will be there.

Of course, the results are going to vary for each woman, but we are not too sure that the average woman will see what they promise, so it would be good to be slightly wary.

Brepid Conclusion

Our overall conclusion of Brepid is that they very well may deliver the results that claim but we didn’t see enough evidence to support this. We didn’t see a money back guarantee either and with their higher end price point we could recommend other breast enhancement products that we feel confident that they will deliver without taking unnecessary risks.

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