FemShape is a product that has been formulated to supposedly enhance the hormonal balance within your body by increasing the production of GF Compounds.

These compounds are hormone-like substances which help to develop breast size during puberty. If your body was deficient of these and other hormones, then your breast development would have been affected.

So essentially, FemShape’s premise is that by increasing your body’s own natural production of certain growth hormones, your breast size will then increase.

Unfortunately after thorough analysis of customer reviews, the product formulation, and a variety of other factors, we simply aren’t convinced that FemShape breast enhancement pill can keep up with its promises.

Femshape Ingredients

When it comes to really digging deep into the why’s and how’s of a natural breast enhancement product such as FemShape, it’s really critical to closely analyze the ingredients.

FemShape toots its own horn as being the best breast enhancement pill on the market with their blend of eight herbs that state they help to achieve hormonal balance and stimulate breast growth. These ingredients include: Blessed Thistle, Dandelion root, Damiana, Dong Quai, Passion Flower, Sabal, Wild Yam, and Red Raspberry.

All these herbs have some beneficial qualities including boosting energy, relieving fatigue, balancing hormones, alleviating menstrual symptoms, and supporting the thyroid.

The problem we found was that while these ingredients can provide benefits, and are in fact safe, they aren’t anything special or above and beyond the rest of the mediocre products out there. On top of that a number of our experts seriously called into question the quality of the ingredients used and the overall potency of the formulation.

Obviously you only want to spend your hard earned money on products that are formulated to the highest quality, and do your best to avoid any supplements that work in cheap ingredients to save money.

Femshape Benefits and/or Femshape Disadvantages

Some of the positive side effects of using FemShape are stated to include fewer PMS symptoms, a rise in your libido, less mood swings, healthier, softer skin and hair, improved moods and a general sense of overall well being. And of course, the balancing of hormones which can result in an increased breast size. However we could not find any real substance or proof of these claims, and it partially appears as if these statements are purely built around their marketing appeal.

On the flipside of the coin, some of the cons of this product though are a little more subtle. The ingredient list is not very precise and there is no mention on how much of each of these herbs is included in the formulation. There is no mention of other additional ingredients and some of the better known breast enhancement herbs are left painfully absent.

The other reason that FemShape doesn’t get full marks from our review panel is that the money back guarantee is only in effect within 30 days of your order date.

Consider this

If you order on one day and then the mail takes at least a week and then you might wait a day or two to get started, you will only end up with about two and a half weeks to see results. And that is a best case scenario.

Right on their website they state that to see results you should take FemShape for three to six months. But if you don’t see results during or after that time, they won’t refund your money.

That definitely seems a little suspect to us and something you may want to consider before you put your money into this product. 

So in conclusion, we simply can’t make FemShape breast enhancement pills one of our top recommended products. There are other breast enhancement products that have scored higher when it comes to ingredients and effectiveness, and have done a far better job of backing up their claims and impressing customers.

Needless to say our recommendation is to look further into other breast enhancement products rather than wasting your money on FemShape.

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