Many women today would like larger firmer breasts but, simply do not want to undergo elective surgery. This leaves them searching for a more natural way to increase their breast size. Companies from all over the world have come forward with a variety of breast enhancement creams, soaps, lotions and pills. While some of these products do work, others are little more than scams and still others even produce painful or serious side effects making it difficult to determine which of these products are safe and work and which are simply a waste of money.

Revitabust made by Cosmeceutical Technologies is a breast enhancement product that is presented in pill form. We will take a look at Revitabust and see if it delivers on its promises and does so in a safe and effective manner.

What The Product Is Supposed To Do

According to the Revitabust official website, this breast enhancement pill will enhance your breasts and most women can expect to see results within two months of taking these pills twice daily. Other sites claim that some women have increased their bust size up to 3 sizes in as little as 4 weeks!

The herbs contained in Revitabust are supposed to mimic what occurs in the body during puberty or pregnancy resulting in larger fuller breasts.


The ingredients in Revitabust are pretty much the same as you will find in most breast enhancement products. Fenugreek, fennel seed, L Tyrosine, Pacific kelp, Daniana Leaf, Dong Quai, dandelion root, watercress leaves, blessed thistle, vitamin E, Dicalcium phosphate, stearic acid, silicon dioxide and cantab. The one added ingredient is Pueriarica Mirifica, which is supposed to be a plant that contains high levels of estrogen and therefore helps to increase breast growth.

There is no mention on the site of how much of any of these ingredients are in these pills, there could be trace amounts for all the consumers know.

Does RevitaBust Really Work

First, the claim that anyone could possibly gain three cup sizes in as little as 4 weeks is unbelievable. Such a gain is simply not possible since this pill is supposed to mimic how your breasts grow during puberty or pregnancy. Who has ever heard of a pregnant woman’s breast gaining 3 cup sizes in a month!

Second, except for testimonials on the Revitabust web site itself, which are always suspect, there are few actual reviews by users to be found. The ones that can be found are extremely negative. In these Revitabust reviews, not only did the consumers not see any significant changes in their breast size but they also had some side effects after taking these pills. Both reviewers experienced tenderness and pain in their breasts and one reviewer also had heavier bleeding during her period. This indicates a possibly sharp hormonal imbalance caused by Revitabust breast enhancement pills.


Considering the negative effect that Revitabust has caused in some women and the lack of any real positive reviews, consumers would be better off to choose a breast enhancement product that can deliver on its promises without the negative side effects.

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