The Natrelle Collection is a breast implant option that seems to be touted as a perfect solution for women who are looking to increase their breast size and shape.

The gel, silicone or saline implants are designed to match each woman’s body type and desire to increase her bust size, this is done through the use of invasive and risky breast enhancement surgery.

In fact, Natrelle Implants themselves offer over 400 different implant styles, shapes and combinations of width, height, projection and cohesiveness that are said to be at the top of the market today.

It is critical to choose the right breast implant, so an experienced doctor will have to be consulted of course before you make a final decision on what your new look will be.

Natrelle Implants Ingredients

The Natrelle®Collection of breast implants is made from a few different materials. There are some that are made from gel, or saline, and others that are made from silicone. Each offer different advantages depending on what you are looking for.

It was thought that silicone implants were more risky as there were some women who experienced significant health risks as a result of them leaking but that problem has since been rectified, and as a result silicone implants are now back on the market.

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean they are necessarily safe, or that they are the best option available by any stretch of the matter.

About Natrelle Breast Implants

Modern medicine advances over the past few years mean that you have more options when it comes to breast implants, and Natrelle has a wide array of breast implants to choose from. There are over 120 different kinds of implants. As well the silicone gel-filled implants come in different styles of round, smooth or textured. Saline filled implants are also an option and there are over 100 different styles of those.

You will have to consult with your doctor in order to determine which product will work for your own body type and shape. The doctor will measure your breast base width and also your cup size. The doctor will also evaluate your existing breast tissue to see if you have enough to cover the implant. You don’t want to end up with an implant that is too big as it might result in overstretching your skin.

You can also opt to reshape your breast; some implants are more rounded, while some are more of gentle slope – more full at the bottom. You can decide on a smooth or textured implant. This does not affect how it looks or feels but rather a more textured implant reduces the chance of capsular contracture.

However, one has to admit that it is a bit “weird” to pick out your own implants, and then still have to go to the doctor for a consultation. Needless to say, many of our experts were taken aback by this, and really couldn’t come to grips with the idea.

If you still need to consult a doctor, why not just go to them in the first place and have them recommend the best implants available?

Natrelle Implants Pros and Cons

There are different things that you want to consider when it comes to deciding on whether or not a breast implant is the right decision for you. You can opt for different ranges of softness – from very soft to more firm when it comes to choosing a breast implant. There are also different ways that the gel implants can be implanted to provide a smoother look and feel. Also most women find that the implants feel quite natural and are actually unnoticeable to the touch.

Advances that have been made over the years mean that there are less problems such as rotation, or shifting and the shape retention is much better. Unfortunately there is still a large percentage of women that have to undergo additional surgeries to keep their “new” breasts the way they want them, or even undergo breast reduction surgery due to additional side effects that come about.

On top of that, there are a number other drawbacks to opting for this kind of dramatic surgery. First of all, the costs are still quite prohibitive for a lot of women.

There are always risks no matter what kind of surgery you go for, and this kind of breast augmentation can still provide problems and is not a ‘forever’ solution either.

Thanks to the price and risks involved, our experts simply do not feel comfortable ever recommending plastic surgery unless someone has tested and exhausted all other forms of natural breast enhancement.

Natrelle Implants Review Conclusion

As far as breast implants, Natrelle has seen good results and we did find women who are happy with their decision. However, we feel this kind of cosmetic, yet invasive type of surgery can be easily avoided if you opt for a more natural breast enhancement product such as a supplement or cream.

The results from these kinds of natural breast enhancement products are quite dramatic and certainly considered more natural.

We thoroughly recommend that you seriously consider natural alternatives, before making the decision to empty out your bank account and risk your health via breast enlargement surgery.

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