BustFuel Review

Bustfuel is a bust enhancement system that promises a natural breast enlargement without surgery.

The system that consists of both pills and a breast cream. The pills are to be taken 3 times a day with food or water or both while the enhancement cream is supposed to be massaged into your breast once or twice a day. This product admits that it is slow working, stating that most women can expect to see a breast change of ½ to 2 cup sizes within 3 months. Once you have achieved the breast size you desire you then use this system every 4 to 6 months to keep your breasts firm and larger.


The ingredients in BustFuel are the same ingredients as in most other breast enhancement products. These ingredients include Fenugreek, saw palmetto, fennel seed, L Tyrosin, Pacific Kelp, Damiana, Dong Quai, Motherwort, Black Cabash Extract, Oat grass, blessed thistle and hops extract. They also have an extensive list of other ingredients that may be added to this product such as rice flour and gelatin that serves no purpose in bust enhancement.

While it is good to see that the BustFuel website does list the ingredients that make up their product they don’t list the amount of any given ingredient so the consumer has no way of knowing if there is sufficient amounts of any of these herbs to work effectively. These pills may be mostly filler with only trace amounts of any or all of herbs present.

The cream has other ingredients in it, none that seem to be known for their enhancement ability but rather contains such ingredients as purified honey, soybean oil and wax.

Does BustFuel Actually Work

Reviews for this product are mixed some reviewers claim to have seen an improvement in their bust size while other reviewers have seen no improvement in either their bust size or firmness. Whether or not this product works, the effect is obviously short term; thus, the need for a 2-week maintenance every four to 6 months. This means that once started on this system you will need to continue using it for the rest of your life or your breasts will revert to their normal size once you have stopped taking the pills for a lengthy period.

A breast enhancement system that truly works should provide you with permanent results not results that are only temporary in nature and depend on your continued use of the product in order to maintain your breast size.


While BustFuel does list its ingredients, it does not give any amounts and openly admits to other ingredients that would mainly act as fillers. In addition, the bust cream that is a part of the system contains absolutely no breast enhancement ingredients. However, the real concern is that many women did not find that this product worked at all and for those that did, the effects are temporary forcing them to continue spending money in order to keep whatever gain they have achieved. Your money would be better spent on a product that gave you more permanent results.

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