ConfidentCurves is a breast enlargement formula that supposedly is manufactured and marketed by Herbal Medicure Solutions.

This product is said to be based around the origins of traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist principles.

However, right off the bat our review panel was unable to verify exact information to substantiate this information nor were we able to find any research, scientific data, or concrete proof that the formulation has anything to do with Chinese Medicine at all.

The real question then becomes, is ConfidentCurves actually a breast enlargement product that uses a viable ancient remedy or is there reference to Chinese Medicine just a sneaky marketing ploy aimed at robbing you of your hard earned money?
It’s time to find out.

ConfidentCurves Ingredients

ConfidentCurves breast enlargement pills claim to contain a blend of the following herbs: dang gui (Radix angelicae sinesis) or wild angelica, saw palmetto, damiana, blessed thistle, fenugreek, wild yam and fennel seed.

This product claims that is also relieves toxins and revitalizes the Qi energy, on top of promoting supposed breast growth and firming. As mentioned before, it is said that this formulation of ingredients is based on an ancient Chinese medicinal practices.

There really is not a lot more information available specifically regarding the exact ingredients, their formulation or the correlation between the Confident Curve ingredients and direct results related to breast enlargement. This concerns us for a variety of reasons, as it is important to truly understand what is in any formulation before you ingest it into your body.

If the makers of ConfidentCurves breast enlargement pills aren’t willing to be open about what goes into their product, why should you be willing to put it inside your body?

About ConfidentCurves Breast Enlargement Pills

Confident Curves breast enhancement capsules are designed to be taken once a day, either in the morning or evening. The official website for ConfidentCurves claims that it is possible to see results within as little as two weeks, with maximum results being recorded after nine months.

This certainly is appealing to women looking for a quick, easy fix, but the lack of actual research or proof is very disconcerting. Our experts do not believe that any safe, natural supplement can really begin to work that quickly, and it makes us assume that this is just another false promise used to sell a product.

Pros and Cons

The Confident Curves premise focuses around appealing to the consumer who is intrigued by products that are based on Chinese herbs and medicine, since these types of treatments have been gaining in popularity due to the high success rates and results. This product does in fact indicate that through the study and replication of these traditional medicines, they have created promising results in breast enhancement.

However, our review panel was not really able to substantiate any claims by this product’s producer and the lack of information does lead to a significant amount of skepticism. There is no current information available about Confident Curves or their manufacturer in most well-known places online.

That is the first big red flag.

With no contact information readily available it’s impossible to conduct more serious research, and really has to expedite doubts in the product.

Since other sites are promoting this product there is some information, however there is nothing detailed regarding clinical trials or substantive long term results. As if that wasn’t enough to worry most consumers, the ingredient’s listed are not able to be verified or analyzed in any great detail.

Our Confident Curves review did not find any additional information about money back guarantees either, so we do not think highly of a manufacturer who is not going to stand 100% behind the product for whatever reason.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of extra information on this product. Online searches provide very little information and there is no website dedicated to the product.

ConfidentCurves Review Conclusion

In the end, due the fact that we were really unable to determine a lot of the critical information that we use in order to come up with a fair and honest review, we have to say that at this point in time that the ConfidentCurves breast enhancement product rates as one of the lowest product on the market today.

The good news though is that there are many other reputable companies that are offering breast enhancement solutions that have been proven to work that we feel much more confident recommending. You can certainly do a lot better than the Confident Curves breast enhancement pill, all you need to do is keep reading and stay committed to improving yourself one step at a time.

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