When it comes to breast enhancement systems, Latavi covers more than just one angle; this two-part system combines an all-natural breast enhancement pill with a breast enhancing cream.

Pills contain ingredients that are formulated to balance your hormones, while the cream is designed to penetrate right into your breast tissue.

This system claims that it works quickly, safely, and with no side effects. It aims to help enlarge, tone and lift your breasts as well as ease PMS symptoms including cramping.

But does the Latavi breast enhancement system actually work, or is it another breast enlargement product that is more about false promises than actual substance?

Let’s find out.

Latavi Breast Enhancement System Ingredients

The Latavi breast enhancement system professes to contain only all natural herbs that have been used for centuries. This special blend is said to work with your body’s natural internal systems to help increase the production of hormones which are directly related to the size and shape of your breasts.

These ingredients do not cause any negative side effects but it is recommended that if you are taking other medications or supplements that you check with your physician to see if any of the ingredients could react with each other.

While all of our research into Latavi proved that the ingredients used are safe and natural, concern arose when we dove into the quality of the ingredients used. Needless to say it seems as though a few shortcuts were taken in order to save money….and that is the exact OPPOSITE of what we look for in a top of the line breast enlargement product.

About Latavi Breast Enhancement

Latavi was first developed in the 1990s and has been selling in North America for over ten years now. The breast enhancement pills are sold in bottles containing 60 capsules which equates to a 30 day supply, considering the fact that you are recommended to take 2 a day. The gel that is applied topically is sold in a 2 ounce jar. It is recommended that the pills be taken morning and night; the gel just has to be applied once a day; whichever time is most convenient for you.

The overall premise of this breast enhancement system is to work on improving and increasing your breast size internally and externally. This two-pronged approach is said to be more effective and have longer lasting, more dramatic results. Yet the proof to back up the effectiveness of Latavi overall simply isn’t as evident as we like, and that is especially true when compared to a commonly recommended system such as Total Curve.

Latavi Breast Enhancement Pros and Cons

The double whammy approach has its merits, that is for sure. Logically if you attack a problem from two sides the effects have to be more dramatic – that just makes sense.

The makers of the Latavi breast enhancement system also state that by taking the pills you will not only see the effects in the enlargement of your breasts but you will also notice that they are more toned and even lifted. On top of that, they really focus on the other positive side effects include less PMS symptoms including cramping and other menopausal discomfort.

However, on the con side we have to admit that we found the information on this product quite limited. We couldn’t find a specific ingredient list. It’s all fine and dandy to talk results and boast of all natural ingredients, but for a product to make it to the top of our ‘yes’ pile, we want to know what’s in it and how much.

Only then can our panel of experts really determine whether those specific formulations will be effective in the long run.

The other concern we have with this product is the price. At a hefty $89.95 per month we think you could get a better bang for your buck with some other products that we have reviewed and have quite a bit more confidence in.

Conclusion of Latavi Breast Enhancement Review

So although we are proponents of the two-pronged approach to breast enhancement, we still feel that the Latavi system falls short of the company claims. There just doesn’t seem to be the right amount of real qualitative information that makes us want to back this breast enhancement system.

As if that wasn’t enough on its own, there are even claims that the results are temporary and that is not something that anyone wants to hear when they are going to invest time, money and effort on obtaining larger, more firm breasts.

So overall, we are going to keep on looking and you should probably do that too if you are serious about finding a natural breast enhancement product that is as proven as it is effective.

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