Clevastin is a breast enhancement product that works naturally. Its manufacturer claims that it can make a female breasts larger, firmer, and shapelier.

Those are the main objectives of women who want to enhance their breasts.

As an alternative to expensive and painful surgery, Clevastin uses a natural approach. Some of the product’s goals are to infuse crucial vitamins and minerals into the breast, to reestablish a hormonal balance, and so on. The key ingredients in Clevastin are “plant estrogens.” The estrogens contained in Clevastin are actually quite similar to those contained naturally in our bodies. The estrogens in Clevastin include:

  • Black Cohosh
  • Dong Quai
  • Fennel Seed Extract
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Wild Yam Root

Clevastin ingredients

Each of these ingredients seems to provide benefits that may enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. However, the manufacturers of Clevastin argue that it’s actually the combination of these plant estrogens and other ingredients, which maximize their effectiveness. Also, the company claims to use the most effective methods for harvesting, extracting, and combining the estrogens.

Clevastin actually involves a system that contains two crucial steps. According to the producers of Clevastin the oral formula first stimulates the mammary glands, so they produce additional breast tissue. It supposedly mimics a woman’s experience during puberty and pregnancy. During this first stage, Clevastin naturally increases the body’s production of estrogen. The estrogen interacts with the estrogen receptors contained in the woman’s breast. Some studies seem to show that stimulating these receptors can boost a woman’s breast size by as much as 150%.

The second stage of Clevastin includes its “Accelerator Gel.” The goal of the gel is to develop the mammary tissues and to increase the breast’s size. It supposedly accomplishes this mission by making the duct linked to the nipple stronger. The manufacturer of Clevastin believes that this causes the breasts to become firmer and fuller.


The entire system costs about $60. That includes 90 capsules, and gel.


Here are some of the main drawbacks that experts and customers have noted about Clevastin:

1. No change in breast shape

Clinical studies show that Clevastin seems to improve the firmness of a woman’s breasts. However, it isn’t effective in improving the shape of the breast. And that’s typically one of the main goals of breast enhancement.

2. The capsules and gel are rarely sold separately

Yes, both of these items are needed to form the Clevastin breast enhancement system. However, some potential customers might be interested in purchasing either the capsules or the gel.


The science and ingredients of Clevastin seem to make it an effective product. However, while the product seems to make a woman’s breast firmer, it doesn’t effectively enhance the shape of the breast. There are also doubts about whether it substantially increases the breast’s size as well. The bottom line is that other comparable products provide more value.

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