BustPlus Review

The BustPlus breast enhancement product has been designed to work with a woman’s natural body chemistry and offers the option of taking the supplement as a pill or a liquid. The product ingredients are the same but some people find the ability to choose how it is taken to be a good option. In fact, details from BustPlus customers showed that the ability to choose using a liquid or a pill was the main draw to the product in the first place.

On the official BustPlus website it is said that the product should show results between a period of eight to twelve weeks.

BustPlus Ingredients

The BustPlus breast enhancement formula is said to contain ingredients such as saw palmetto and wild yam, as well as red raspberry. Red raspberry is used by herbalists and naturopaths to help balance female hormones and to also help to reduce the symptoms of PMS and other menstruation-related issues. This can be considered a bonus side effect of taking this supplement, if of course the formulation utilizes high quality ingredients.

Sadly with many supplements, that isn’t always the case.

The liquid formula also contains the same ingredients. But there is not a lot more information available regarding the other ingredients or their exact content. Another product that is also available through the Bust Plus line is an external topical solution but no ingredients list was found to be able to review and comment.

Needless to say, our experts always expect more details and concrete information when it comes to the ingredients used within a product. And you should demand the same as well.

About BustPlus

Apparently this product, Bust Plus, was original formulated and used as a female hormone balancing product. One of the side effects turned out to be larger, more firm breasts, so more women started to use it as a way to increase their bust size and have more youthful and perky breasts as they age.

While this seems like a positive, it actually concerned a few of our experts. Seeing as firmer and larger breasts is really just a side effect of the product, is it fair that it is marketed and sold primarily as a breast enlargement product. Wouldn’t you feel better utilizing a product that was created SOLELY for increasing the size of your bust, yet one that comes with additional positive side effects? Rather than the other way around?

On another note the pills or liquid are meant to be taken in the morning and in the evening. It is recommended to avoid caffeine and carbonated beverages for best results, as those could apparently effect the effectiveness of the formulation.

As indicated, there is also a BustPlus lotion that can be applied topically in order to work with the internal product to enhance breast size and shape.

Pros and Cons

Some of the benefits that are reported by the manufacturers of Bust Plus include increasing your self esteem, along with firmer and fuller breasts of course. The formulation is natural and it is said, if results are seen that are satisfactory, there is no need to resort to expensive and risky surgery to see similar results.

There is a money back guarantee with this product along with secure ordering, which are two positives that we always look for in a natural breast enhancement supplement.

As far as this product goes however, there are still other concerns that our review panel has that negate some of the more positive reported results. First of all, the lack of detailed information regarding the exact ingredients is of a huge concern. A company should be very up front about exactly what is contained in the formulation including how much of what.

There have also been reports of some adverse side effects including stomach pains and constipation as a result of taking this breast enhancement product. And without knowing all the information regarding the ingredients this is difficult to verify or negate at this stage.

We would never recommend a product that could potentially come with such uncomfortable side effects, and that is one of the main reasons why BustPlus will not receive a recommendation from us.

BustPlus Review Conclusion

As a result of the limited available information, the reported side effects, and the fact that positive testimonials are also lacking:

Our review panel cannot rate the BustPlus breast enhancement product very high at all.

There are so many other breast enhancement products available today that rank considerably higher, so there is no reason to waste your time or money on a less that fabulous product at any time.

While it may take a bit of additional time to keep reading, and to find a more viable product…the results, your safety, and the money you save in the long run will be well worth it.

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