Bloussant is among the various 100% natural breast enhancement products on the market.

While the product’s producer makes several claims, how well does Bloussant stack up against the competition?

How it works

Bloussant’s manufacturer claims that using its product will enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. This alternative is safer and easier than breast augmentation surgery. Such surgery can be painful when a woman undergoes it, and when she gets the bill.

The supposed forte of Bloussant is its herbal blend of 100% natural ingredients. In theory, the product functions by infusing the woman’s body with plant estrogen. The estrogen excites the mammary glands, which then forms new cells and tissue within the breast. Basically, the goal is to duplicate the process that occurs in a woman during puberty and pregnancy.

Here’s how it works (in theory). The “estrogen receptors” in the woman’s breast attract the plant estrogens contained in Bloussant. The result is that something called “mammogenesis” occurs. This is an increase in the development of the woman’s mammary glands. The manufacturer of Bloussant claims that it uses the perfect blend of plant estrogens, to maximize the breast’s development.

Bloussant’s herbs also contain nutrients that help to cleanse the woman’s body. Supposedly this also promotes the development of breast tissue.

According to Bloussant’s producer, most women should see results within 4-8 weeks after they start using the product. It claims that several of its customers have experienced larger or firmer breasts within two weeks. Also, it claims that women who continue using the product have increased their bra cup size by 2-3 sizes-with the growth peaking at four sizes. Interestingly, the company admits that the breast development what women experience can vary significantly. It even notes that some women may experience no increase in breast size at all!

Besides the product’s effectiveness, Bloussant’s manufacturer also notes that its product is extremely safe, due to the all-natural ingredients that it contains. It also recommends that customers take two gel caps each morning and evening, in order to maximize Bloussant’s effectiveness.


The cost is about $230 for a two-monthly supply, $345 for a four-month supply, and $520 for a six-month supply.


Here are some of the drawbacks of Bloussant that customers and experts have noted:

1. Not affordable 

A two-month supply of Bloussant will cost roughly $4. That’s a hefty price for a product that might or might not work.

2. No guarantee

Bloussant provides no money-back guarantee–or return policy, for that matter. So if you don’t like the product after trying it-tough cookies. You’ll be $200 in the hole (or more, if you purchased a larger supply).

3. Not FDA-approved

The FDA doesn’t approve supplements, which includes Bloussant. Yes, its ingredients are included in the FDA’s “Generally Regarded as Safe” list of ingredients. But there’s a difference.


The bottom line is that Bloussant is a pricey breast enhancement supplement. While its producer makes several claims, there’s no proof or guarantee to support them. So you’d take a huge risk by purchasing this product that might or might not work.

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