Breast Enlargement Without Surgery. Is it Possible?

Breast augmentation procedures can get very scary. Not only will this involve surgery and all the risks associated with going under the knife, it can also cost you thousands of dollars over the years. Yes, it won’t be just one procedure. Getting implants means you’d have to maintain it to keep it looking good and safe over the course of a lifetime.

Although many plastic surgeons around the world provide procedures that allow women to enhance their breasts, there’s always a certain price to pay. It’s a very common practice that these surgeries generally cost about $1,000-1,500 USD.

However, due to the unique nature of the human breast and many variations in breast size and shape, there are actually a lot of things to take into account before you choose an implant.

While a lot of women are ready to take the risk, there are plenty of others who look for the breast enlargement without surgery and having to go through any invasive procedure.

Breast Lift Options

When it comes to breast lift or mastopexy, while surgery is still involved, the process won’t be able to offer enlargement results. However, there are non-invasive procedures such as laser treatments and lifting creams. They can help lift sagging breasts; and they give your breasts youthful perkiness and firmness.

Will the same procedures work for breast enlargement? Honestly speaking, not really. Not even if your cosmetic surgeon claims so.

How Much Will Breast Enlargement WITH Surgery Cost?

There are plenty of women who would like to find ways to enlarge their breasts. A breast augmentation is one of the top options because it’s a guarantee that you can increase your breast’s measurements several sizes up. You can choose from saline or silicone gel implants according to the size or even the shape you prefer.

It’s the dream, really. You can achieve your breast size goal after just one procedure. After a few days of recovering, you can already show your brand new, curvier and perkier breasts.

But the cost related to it is far from a dream. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons places an average price tag of $3,719 for a breast augmentation procedure. That price doesn’t even include follow-up check-ups and future “repairs” or implant replacements.

While some implants are supposed to last about 25 years, some may need replacement in as early as 2 years. The average lifespan? Just 10 years.

Moreover, many women often regret having breast augmentation procedures because they would result in the loss of breast shape and in unnatural look of female breasts.

This is also one of the most devastating procedures, as breast augmentation surgery can be very problematic due to enormous number of side effects and complications. Unfortunately, many women realize these side effects only after having breast augmentation.

Enlarge Your Breast Size Without Surgery

Now the good news is you don’t have to spend all that money if you want to increase your breast size. However, you must set realistic goals.

If you want breasts that are 2 or more sizes above your existing size, then you may have to save up for implants. However, if you want a slight increase in size and make your breasts firmer and plumper, then you can consider the other ways for breast enlargement without surgery.

Exercises for Bigger Breast

For instance, you can check out chest exercises that are great in increasing the breast size. Push-ups and back lifts are only some of the best exercises you can try out.

A quick search on YouTube will bring you to videos coming from professional coaches who would attest to how these exercises would actually work in increasing your breast size.

Each type of exercise can be used individually or in combination. You can also find additional exercises that can help you develop a better breast shape. Exercise can increase the size of the breast – this is achieved by enlarging the inner muscle tissue, lifting the breast from the chest, or stretching the breast stem.

Vitamins and Supplements

There are also plenty of vitamins and supplements that are made to increase the breast size. Before you take any of these vitamins though, you must consult with your doctor first. Since these do not go through the same standard tests that the government requires on other medicines, you would have to be extra cautious especially if you have other existing health conditions.

Although vitamins and supplements can be very useful, they can also sometimes be harmful if not used properly or in the wrong dosage. Vitamin B12 and Coenzyme Q10, for example, are both important for nerve and muscle function, but they can increase your risk of getting certain diseases.

Always consult a doctor before taking vitamins and supplements, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or taking prescription drugs.

Topical creams

Topical ointments and creams are also readily available on the market. Breast lifting creams are designed to improve breast skin and overall breast shape. Initially, they were developed for mothers to improve skin elasticity during breastfeeding. They also help relieve mild pain from breastfeeding by repairing scars.

The ingredients are usually enriched with vitamins and minerals to better nourish breast tissue and increase skin tone. Some experts have even claimed that breast lifting creams can even make breast tissue more resilient and prevent breast sagging.

There are plenty of these products to choose from. The best way to find out if they really work is by looking for reviews from people who have actually tried them out.

Natural Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

Remember, natural breast enlargement without surgery is possible!

Whether your breasts are small, medium or even large, you can boost them with natural breast enlargement methods.

Millions of women around the world think about breast enlargement treatment. More than half of these women decide to try to get natural breast growth using one of the methods mentioned above.


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