Breast Enhancement Creams: Results and Comparison

Some of the newest alternatives in breast enhancement are the new breast enhancement creams. The reason for the popularity of these creams is simple – women are happy for any effective alternatives to surgical procedures.

Breast enhancement creams are a great alternative to surgeries, which pose significant risks to women’s health and they also are often times more effective than other alternative treatments as well.

So what’s the Big Deal with Breast Enhancement Creams?

Breast enhancement creams are one of the newest advancements in breast enlargement, which along with breast enlargement pills, are being coming extremely popular today. The results have been quite good for the majority of women that have tried these pills – much to the delight of surgery-weary women out there.

So what have these creams been shown to do? Breast enhancement (normally ½ to 1 cup size) is obviously priority number one, but along with enhancement, these creams have been shown to shape, tone, and increase the firmness of breasts. The cream focuses on tightening the skin’s support structure around the breast, which creates a more ‘youthful’ appearance.

What’s in the Majority of Breast Enhancement Creams?

There are several FDA ingredients that are in breast enhancement creams, the key ingredient normally being wild yam extract, an all natural estrogenic herb. Estrogen is one of the main hormones that creates water retention in the breasts, often contributing to the size.

Not only are creams focused on water retention, but they also contain herbs that are specifically for cell growth, another obvious contributor to breast size. Often times, breast enhancement creams are preferred to pills, as the cream works in a localized area. Some say that localizing the herbs helps to create a more successful treatment for natural breast enlargement.

What can you expect when you take the breast enlargement creams?

  • Results generally start to show within 4 weeks.
  • Generally, women will experience at least ½ increase in cup size within 3 months.
  • Normally the cream will be applied once per day before a shower/bath.
  • No known side effects; however, sometimes soreness can result.

Are Breast Enhancement Creams for you?

Just like the majority of breast enhancement products out there, the majority of successful brands will guarantee your money back if they don’t show an effect – allowing you the freedom to try the breast enhancement cream risk-free.

Remember, that with breast enhancement creams, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. Try and use the most trusted brands – even if they are more expensive, as those will be the ones that contain the ingredients that have been shown to actually work. So before doing any drastic changes, such as surgery, give a more natural approach a try. What do you have to lose?

Breast Enhancement: Pills vs Creams

Of all the natural breast enhancements products out on the market today, breast enlargement pills and creams are the two most popular and effective ways to increase the size of your breasts and enhance their overall appeal. Their ingredients are proven to initiate breast growth! Companies that produce these items are seeing dramatic increases in their sales and the demand continues to rise as more and more customers realize just how viable herbal breast enhancement is.

On top of that, many women looking to improve their body and their sex appeal are starting to understand the real risks and dangers that coincide with breast augmentation surgery.

Those risks alone are commonly enough to help us realize that natural breast enlargement is a beneficial alternative, and is the reason so many women search online for natural breast enhancement reviews and products.

What’s the Difference Between Breast Enhancement Pills and Creams?

Customer reviews and clinical studies have proven that both breast enlargement pills and creams are effective but in this article, we will discuss their differences in order to help you decide which route you want to pursue in your quest for the perfect breasts.

Obviously, they do differ very dramatically in their physical form; creams and pills. Creams for breast enhancement are made of liquid ingredients that are combined in a way that is then used topically on the outside of the skin in order to increase breast size.

Breast enlargement pills, on the other hand, are formed by combining a series of natural enhancement ingredients that are molded into a solid capsule or tablet shape. The breast enhancement pills are then ingested orally and go to work internally to obtain the same result as creams through herbal breast enhancement.

Natural Breast Enlargement Ingredients for Pills and Creams

Ingredients can differ significantly between brands and products. When we are personally looking at breast enhancement products for our breast enhancement reviews we stick to products that use only herbal and all natural ingredients.

Creams that are applied topically use additional ingredients such as water and glycerin to help the effective ingredients bond and adhere to the skin, but this does not affect the natural formulation for obvious reasons. Breast pills are also comprised of a series of natural ingredients that are not toxic and work with your body’s internal system work to increase natural breast size.

Use and Dosage for Natural Breast Enlargement Products

Breast enhancement creams are applied topically; they are applied thinly over the breasts and should be massaged for some time to ensure that the ingredients are effectively absorbed by the skin. These enlargement creams can be applied once or twice a day, preferably after taking a shower or bath or right before bedtime as a relaxing nightcap.

Breast enhancement pills, on the other hand, are taken orally; the dosage of these pills depends upon each individual product but most of them are taken one or twice a day. There are some pills that require you to take them on a full stomach, while others state you must have an empty stomach. Regardless of which way they recommend, you must adhere to the instructions if you are serious about seeing the best possible results from natural breast enlargement.

How do they Work?

The end result of both breast growth products is the same. It’s the mode of action that differs. The cream formula, when absorbed by the skin, stimulates the growth of the breast tissues which then results in the increased breast size that you desire.

Alternately, breast enhancement pills work internally through the digestive system as the ingredients pass through the body’s circulatory system to breast tissue cells to promote growth.

Natural Breast Enhancements Benefits

Both breast enhancement creams and breast enlargement pills offer benefits, including increased breast size, form, and improved appearance and sex appeal. But specifically, breast enhancement creams can provide results in as little as four weeks that could range from a one to two cup size increase.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, breast enhancer pills can bring noticeable improvements forward in as little as two weeks which is half the time of cream.

You can also expect to see a larger change of up to two to three cup sizes.

Even still, the benefits of one type of natural breast enhancement doesn’t outweigh the other when it comes to pills and creams and that is why the best breast enhancement products nowadays often combine both.

A proven “system” that utilizes both pills and creams is one of the best ways to give you the best of both worlds. Without the need for breast augmentation surgery.

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