Breast Enlargement Pumps. How Do They Work? Are They Safe Enough?

It can be hard to keep up with all the new breast enhancement products that are bursting onto the scene these days. So much so that it seems like almost every day there is something new to try that guarantees to make you feel, look, act, and be younger, better, and happier.

But that goes to prove that the majority of people out there are dissatisfied with their lives and their looks and want to do something to change that. There really is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best as long as it doesn’t become an obsession.

Breast Enlargement and Self-esteem

We can all make small changes in our lives that can work wonders to increase our self-esteem and our overall outlook on life. We can lose 10 pounds, get a haircut, invest in some nicer clothing….but one of the most common methods seems to be seeking out breast enlargement. So much so that there are even breast enlargement magazines surfacing online and an array of breast enhancement pills, breast enlargement pumps, and practically every type of breast product you can imagine on the market. And yes, some of them include ingredients that really work!

This goes to show that if you have been dissatisfied with the size and shape of your breasts you are definitely not alone. Hundreds of thousands of women have chosen to have breast augmentation surgery to increase their bra size and more and more decide to follow that route every day.

But that is not a perfect solution for hundreds of thousands of women just like you. There really are so many other breast augmentation alternatives out there, surgery should be your last choice if you are at all concerned with your health and safety.

Are Breast Pumps the Best Breast Enhancement?

As briefly mentioned above, when it comes to breast augmentation products there are countless options including breast enhancer pills, creams, gums, breast enlargement pumps, and or course more natural breast enlargement options such as special padded and push-up bras as well.

As far as breast enlargement pumps go our team of researchers is still on the fence on whether or not the results that are being claimed are really all that valid and/or long-lasting. Enlargement pumps and other breast enlarging pumps are often marketed as a safe alternative to surgery, but that doesn’t mean they come without side effects at all.

In fact, a breast enlargement pump comes with a lot more risk than either breast enlargement pills or breast enhancement creams.

What are Breast Enlargement Pumps?

Breast pumps state that they basically use a physiological process known as breast tissue expansion. The breast enlarging pumps work by applying a gentle pressure to stretch skin on the breast and stretch the breast tissue itself. And this vacuum pressure that is applied supposedly encourages the process of tissue expansion.

Over time, this leads to a modest but supposedly permanent increase in breast size. Some claims state that a breast enlarging pump will create more permanent results than breast enlargement pills, but that remains to be seen.

In order to be effective, it is also stated that these breast pumps have to be worn 12 hours a day! Needless to say none of us has that much time to dedicate to increasing the size of our breasts, and we can only imagine how uncomfortable that would be. Some of our experts tried out the top breast enlargement pumps out there, but none of us could come close to leaving it for that long of a time.

When you compare that to a breast enhancement cream that you simply rub in and forget, or breast enhancement pills that you swallow and move on, the benefits of these breast pumps wanes significantly.

Aside from that, there are also some definite side effects to this method of breast enhancement including broken blood vessels, the gains are very modest, results can take up to six months to surface, and the pumps can be almost as expensive as plastic surgery – up to $3,000.

So just based on those concerns alone, our team is not really prepared to put breast augmentation pumps at the top of the list of recommended ways to increase your breast size. When there are safer, cheaper, and more proven products out there, we cannot possibly suggest breast pumps to all of our site visitors.

Never mind that many women only see a temporary change, why would you want to spend that kind of money and time on something that is not permanent? And something that could still bring forth unwanted side effects?

You are much better off to try a natural breast enhancement product that has been proven to work, is much less costly and takes way less time to see results.

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